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Perception is everything.

In today’s business world, an appealing website is essential to attract and retain customers. However, a successful b2b website requires special considerations and customization. In this article, we will focus on how to design a successful b2b website and what specific elements are important.

We understand your target audience

Before we start designing your website, it is important to understand your target audience. In the b2b sector, your customers are usually businesses, so we need to understand what their needs and expectations are.

Clear and appealing web design

  • Your website must have a clear and appealing design that catches the attention of your visitors at first glance. A simple design with a clear hierarchy and good readability is ideal.

We use strong images for your web design

  • Images are an important part of your website. We use high-quality images to make your website more appealing and attract the attention of your visitors. Images that show your products or services convey the best message.

Clear navigation on the website

  • Clear navigation is of great importance in the b2b sector. Your website must be easy to navigate so that visitors can quickly find what they are looking for. Simple and intuitive navigation makes it easier for your visitors to stay on your website and spend more time on it.

Using call-to-actions in web design

  • Call-to-actions are important elements on your website to encourage visitors to contact you or take an action. We place call-to-actions in the right places to increase the likelihood that visitors will perform a desired action.

Responsive web design

  • Your website needs to look and function well on different devices. A responsive design ensures that your website looks equally good on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. This is important as more and more people are accessing the internet via mobile devices.

SEO-optimized web design

  • An SEO-optimized website is important to be found on Google and other search engines. We process relevant keywords for you in texts and metadata to optimize your website for specific search terms.

Trust and credibility

  • Trust and credibility are very important in the b2b sector. Testimonials and certificates are a proven way of gaining the trust of your visitors.

We implement the web design with different technologies such as CMS, WordPress, Joomla, Typo3 etc., also multilingual. We provide you with expert advice.

WebDesign Rosenberger GmbH Neuss, with WordPress - multilingual.

Kriegerdesign b2b Marketing & Communications Design offers professional design, programming, and maintenance services. Our website showcases the comprehensive range of products and services offered by Rosenberger GmbH, a medium-sized, internationally active company in the field of steel processing. With our multilingual capabilities, we provide an overview of the company’s core competencies in six different languages. In the near future, our website will also feature an online shop for end customers. Powered by WordPress, our website is designed to meet your needs effectively.

Web Design: Economic Development Krefeld, with Typo3 - Multilingual

This website showcases a comprehensive range of services offered by the Economic Development of Krefeld. It is available in German, English, and Chinese, serving as a centralized information hub for local businesses. Using the TYPO3 CMS system, the websites are developed and maintained by kriegerdesign, specializing in design, programming, and maintenance services. Stay updated with the latest advancements in the Krefeld business sector through our website.

Web Design: MTECK Schweisstechnik Karlsruhe, with WordPress.

MTECK Schweisstechnik GmbH is a specialist distributor in the field of welding and cutting. Our website provides an overview of our entire range of services and products, as well as highlighting our core competencies. We have implemented our website using the WordPress system. At kriegerdesign b2b Marketing & Kommunikationsdesign, we offer design, programming, and maintenance services.

Web Design: Lincoln Electric Cutting Eisenberg, with WordPress - Bilingual

Lincoln Electric is an American multinational corporation specializing in welding and steel cutting. Our website, for the field of cutting technology, is available in both German and English, providing information on the range of products and services in the steel cutting sector. It offers a comprehensive overview of the product range and includes an interactive product guide to help visitors find specific product recommendations. The website is built using the WordPress system. kriegerdesign provides design, programming, and maintenance for this website.

Web Design: SATO Cutting Systems, Moenchengladbach, with JOOMLA - Bilingual

kriegerdesign b2b Marketing & Communication Design, SATO Cutting Systems’ web design partner, presents an overview of their complete product range and services in German and English. As an internationally active medium-sized mechanical engineering company, SATO specializes in cutting systems for the separation of steel using plasma, laser, or oxyfuel technology. The website, implemented with JOOMLA, showcases SATO’s offerings. kriegerdesign provides design, programming, and maintenance services.

Web Design: Green Gas Germany, Krefeld with WordPress - bilingual.

Green Gas Germany offers a comprehensive, integrated, and economically attractive solution for the management and utilization of gas for operators of mines and landfills. Our website provides an overview of technologies and projects in both German and English. Green Gas Germany, based in Krefeld, trusts us with their web design needs, and we have successfully implemented their website using WordPress. At kriegerdesign, we specialize in design, programming, and maintenance. Read More.

Web Design Pinelli GmbH, Geldern - with WordPress - Bilingual, Woocommerce Shop.

Pinelli GmbH is a company specializing in filter technology for the metal processing industry. Our website provides an overview of their entire range of replacement filters and other filter technology services, such as fine dust filters for workplace health protection. With the addition of a Woocommerce shop, customers can conveniently purchase the suitable filter solution directly from our website. Kriegerdesign offers web design services, including WordPress integration, bilingual capabilities, and Woocommerce shop setup.

Web Design: F. Baldowé GmbH, Krefeld -with WordPress

kriegerdesign b2b Marketing & Kommunikationsdesign offers its expertise in design, programming, and maintenance. This website showcases the services of  Baldowe GmbH, a classic mid-sized installation company that specializes in gas, water, and energy-efficient technologies for homes. With a strong reputation for consultation, Baldowe GmbH is committed to delivering reliable solutions. This website is built using the efficient WORDPRESS system, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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As web designers, we have extensive knowledge and experience in designing appealing and functional websites. We have the ability to understand the needs and requirements of our clients and translate their visions into creative and effective online presences. We always work with the latest technologies and trends to develop websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide an excellent user experience. We value a good working relationship with our clients and work closely with them to turn their ideas into reality. If you are looking for experienced and dedicated web designers, we are the right partner for you.

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What does Web Design cost?

Not much! When seen in relation to its possibilities, Web Design can significantly expand or secure your business, especially in difficult times like the pandemic. We have experienced this impressively ourselves in recent years.

Web Design is a sustainable investment in the market presence of your brand or company and needs to be individually calculated. Reliable price information can only be provided after an individual needs analysis. At kriegerdesign b2b Marketing & Communication Design, we are happy to work with you to understand your requirements. We look forward to getting to know your requirements.


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