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As a B2B advertising agency for industry in the field of communication, our tasks consist not only of a new overall approach but also in the implementation of individual communication measures within the framework of already existing specifications. Of course, we also bring our full creative potential and years of experience to bear for you here. So simply choose between comprehensive consulting and support or individual project-oriented tasks from the consulting and design areas.

Try us out! We would be happy to demonstrate our understanding of service and partnership work by means of a small project.

How we work...

We are open to goal-oriented work. Curiosity and technical understanding enable us to familiarise ourselves quickly – even with complex topics. We then define a strategy for your project in close consultation with you.


Mode of operation meaning in business – Step 1: Analysis, consultation & strategic communication concept


Mode of operation: Analysis

The analysis is an essential part of a consultation and the basis of successful communication. A later implementation in the corporate design ensures that you stand out in the market. Maintain continuity in your company’s communication strategy.

Mode of operation: Strategy & Concept

A consistent strategy will strengthen the effect of credibility and trust in you and your brand. Thus, you ensure that all measures in communication have a maximum recognition value and thus sustainably increase your level of awareness.

Mode of operation – Step 2: Implementation of communication design

Mode of operation: Communication design

Communication design is the overarching term for all forms of design. The basis for all design measures is the strategy concept. It is the bracket that connects all individual measures by precisely implementing various design tools such as graphic design, photo design, web design, etc. in accordance with the strategy. The result is a uniform design. This is the basic prerequisite for a stronger positioning in the competition and, of course, the perception on the market. We have the overview of what is necessary for you and create it from one source. The advantage for you as a client – you have one contact person for your comprehensive market presence.

Design fields

Leistung Grafik design by kriegerdesign

Corporate Design

is an essential component of successful communication. Corporate design ensures that you distinguish yourself in the market, that continuity in communication is cultivated in your company – with the effect of credibility and trust in you and your brand, that communication measures have a high recognition value and increase your level of awareness.

Grafik Design

Graphic Design

includes the design of material, virtual or computer-generated two- or three-dimensional surfaces, visual publications and information carriers. Graphic design creates e.g. business stationery, letterheads, annual reports, magazines, orientation systems, advertisements, posters, catalogues, brochures, mailings, packaging, illustrations and much more.

Kommunikation & Focussierung

Photo Design

we photograph with empathy for your task and corresponding creative experience. We realise projects at home and abroad, on location or in the studio creatively, reliably, experienced and production-safe. We always work with the latest technology for the highest quality.

Leistung Grafik design by kriegerdesign

Web Design

Your 24/7 presentation on the web is a very important part of communication. As an advertising agency for industry, we understand something about clear structure and user guidance, even for very extensive and multilingual websites. Whether web systems such as TYPO3, WORDPRESS, JOOMLA etc., we use the right technology for you or do the programming ourselves.

Mobile APP Design

Mobile App Design & Programming

Being able to access information anywhere and always being up to date is the current development in communication. Mobile app communication is at the forefront of this. As a partner and advertising agency for the industry, we offer analysis, structure and graphic design GUI and programming from a single source. This can be a mobile shop, access to company-internal databases, etc. We programme independently of platforms.

B2B Video

Video & Film

is the medium that generates attention with moving images in order to convey complex information in a compressed time frame. Be it image films, product films, training films, trade fair films and much more. The latest technology and an experienced crew put your product in a good light – sustainably.

B2B 3D Animation Visualisierung

3-D Animation & Technical Visualisations

complements the video/film world and offers the possibility of making processes, functions or objects that cannot be depicted realistically visible in an animation and supplementing a film, for example.

B2B Messestanddesign

Exhibition stand design & organisation

is the opportunity to impressively present your products to your target group and the market according to the strategic design concept. This is especially true in the business-to-business sector.

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