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3D Animationen & Visualisation

What does a 3D animation do?

3D animation is a fantastic way to create impressive and realistic visual effects. With the help of computer programs, three-dimensional objects and scenarios can be virtually created and animated. Whether for films, commercials or computer games, 3D animation has become increasingly important in many areas of the media industry. The ability to create complex movements and camera movements means that completely new worlds can be created in animation. However, creating a 3D animation requires a lot of experience and expertise, as it is very complex. But the result is often breathtaking and captivates the viewer. It helps to explain and present complex processes. Such visualisations are suitable for all processes that require explanation. Integrated in a video or as a trailer for various presentation formats, they create understanding and recognition. Visualise your messages for trade fairs, events and all forms of presentation impressively with an animation – complex or less complex – we are committed to the topic and create your communication tool for all available channels. You can see which types of animation we offer you by looking at the examples.

Animation: Trailer, Logo 3D animation

A 3D animation, a technical animation, a trailer – e.g. an animated logo – can be used universally and is always a good start to a presentation, as moving images appeal to the audience. kriegerdesign develops such start sequences, such as this logo animation of the company SATO Cutting Systems.
The animation shows the cutting of the company logo out of a steel block with a cutting jet. The construction of cutting systems is the core business of the SATO company.

Animation: Process visualisation of an automated flame cutting line

Complex technical processes can sometimes not be adequately represented with normal film/video sequences. A technical animation allows insights and perspectives that are normally not visible. In this way, a complex topic can be explained in comprehensible images. kriegerdesign converts such complex technical processes into visually comprehensible images. The example shows the production process on a steel flame cutting line in an easily understandable way. The animation was also used for a large plant tender in order to impressively illustrate the solution idea for the potential customer’s requirements. With success – the order followed.

Animation: visual fx & 3d animation Complex animated lecture presentation

Presentations can be boring and lack variety. Text chart follows text chart with a small office animation. Here we present a “partially animated PPT presentation, consisting of a normal Power Point and animated video sequences. The whole presentation creates an interactive impression between the speaker and the protagonist – a dummy from a car acoustics lab. kriegerdesign designs such presentations and won the first prize for it at the Surcar in Cannes.

Henkel Technologies, Düsseldorf

Surcar, Interactive animated presentation for an automotive industry symposium in Cannes, France

Presentation: Simple animated presentation

Another example of a different form of presentation. A combination of photos , text animation and film sequences. It is an appealing and cost-effective alternative to a complete image film. kriegerdesign designs such combinations for your presentations.

Rosenberger GmbH, Neuss

Image presentation with still and moving images

3D Animation zielgenaue Leistungen

You may be asking yourself: How much does an animation cost?
This depends on the complexity and type of implementation and unfortunately cannot be answered “quickly”. Let’s talk about what might make sense for your individual needs. We will be happy to work with you to prepare a well-founded, serious offer. Please contact us.

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