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Mobile App-Design & GUI Design – the successful way

Mobile apps are application software for mobile devices or mobile operating systems. A distinction is made between native apps, which only work on one platform, and platform-independent web, hybrid and cross-platform apps.It also very important for mobile app ui with just in mind to be easy and logical to use. You may ask yourself: What is the cost of designing an app? well, to be honest it depends… Let us talk about your plans. Please find some app design and GUI examples here…

App Design: Mobile Concept, app design & Development/Programming

We are mobile and always reachable – a curse and a blessing at the same time. Mobile apps offer unbeatable advantages for business operations. The end device is handy and with you everywhere. Mobile apps help you communicate with your employees, who can be on the move anywhere in the world, or provide easy access to a shop system for your customers. Since we design and programme our apps to be platform-independent, they run under iOS or Android on smartphones or tablets. And if they are compatible with the web browser, these apps also run on any PC.

So with a mobile app, all possibilities are open to you. An app must be quick and easy to use. Just like any modern online shop – almost self-explanatory. A decisive factor in intuitive operation is the GUI (Graphical User Interface). In addition to app development, we also have some experience in designing a GUI for touch screen machine controls.


We offer consulting, conception, development, design and programming.

  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Mobile Shop Systems

GUI Design: GUI user interface (Graphical User Interface)

Graphic design for GUI (Graphical User Interface) user interfaces is also a component of corporate design. Conformably designed GUI views and sensible GUI operating sequences, visually supported by a clear structure and highlighted, upcoming operating options, give the user a pleasant feeling, e.g. when controlling a machine. For SATO, we have graphically reworked a 3-axis machine control of a flame cutting system and designed the GUI operating screens.

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